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Literally translated, the word Bible means ‘book’ or ‘books’.  The Bible is a collection of books written over the course of more than 1,000 years.


The Bible is an amazing book and includes poetry, legal documents, songs, letters, eyewitness accounts, people stories, historical documents and advice literature.


The Bible is usually divided into two sections:


  • The Old Testament – texts written before Jesus Christ was born and covering God’s dealings with the ancient Hebrew world and its people

  • The New Testament – writings following the death of Jesus and covering his life and teaching, the establishment of the Christian church, and letters from church leaders


Find out why the Bible is cherished by billions of people around the world.  Follow this Link to the Bible Society Web Site to learn more, to understand the history or to search the Bible.


If you are looking for daily inspiration, try the Big Bible Project site and sign up for daily emails




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The Bible

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